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  • How well is your organisation doing when it comes to its learning and development activities?


    Over the past year, the entire world experienced change on a scale that could never have been anticipated...


    COVID-19 forced many organisations to invest in remote learning and training strategies. They no longer need to ask if e-learning is a worthwhile endeavor, but rather if they are making the most of the opportunity that it presents.


    While learning management systems (LMS's) are usually the first point of call for organisations who are looking to make their L&D activities digital, there are many more aspects to consider when trying to implement a seamless online learning strategy... Things like the audience and their learning behavior, the curriculum and the suitability of the digital learning assets, and of course the personalised learning paths that must be created to ensure the best possible chance of learning success.


    See how ready your organisation is for the post-COVID reality by undertaking Obami's L&D Readiness Evaluation.  


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