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    A bouquet of services to help with the hard stuff

  • Consultation

    We’re experts in digital learning and can advise on the best learning strategy for your organisation. 

  • Content Production

    Producing new and exciting learning materials (rich media content), or bringing boring old content to life - that's what we love to do! 

  • Content Digitization

    Helping to get digital learning assets uploaded and organised into a coherent learning experience.

  • Curriculum Design

    We've developed a tried and trusted formula for creating a curriculum around any subject.

  • Instructional Design

    Getting digital learning materials to work together in order to provide the best possible chance of knowledge retention and the desired behavioral change.

  • Community

    We've got the know-how and resources to set up and maintain an online learning community for you. 

  • Training

    While the platform is easy to use, some organisations choose to engage in a more formal on-boarding process.

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