• Barbara Mallinson
    CEO, Obami

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    Barbara Mallinson has spent the past 8 years leading Obami. 

    During her tenure, she has been recognised by a number of high profile organisations and recieved a number of awards for the work she has done - from being recognised by UNESCO as one of 21 people changing the world to the likes of IT Web Africa, CNN, Forbes and the Financial Mail, identifying her as one of Africa’s top entrepreneurs and women in business.

    Mallinson, who holds a number of local and international advisory board roles, has also featured as one of IT Web’s Top 5 SA IT Personalities as well as one of the Top Woman in ICT by the South African Communications Forum.

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  • Ennis Jones
    COO, Obami

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    Ennis Jones is a self-confessed closet geek and British philanthropist - a keen investor in African technology solutions. Ennis also happens to be in charge of Obami's day-to-day operations. 

    Born and raised in England, Jones attended Brighton University and worked in a number of big companies like Johnson & Johnson and IBM. He  established a successful career in oil broking before shifting focus and bringing educational technology to Africa.

    Jones is an adept project manager and has gained significant experience in product development, user experience design and testing.


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  • Damian Hawkes
    CTO, Obami

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    Damian Hawkes has been the lead developer at Obami for the past 3 and a half years, bringing a wealth of web development experience to the platform and the team.

    Hawkes has well over a decade's experience in web development and is highly proficient in SQL Server, .Net, #C, Javascript, CSS and HTML.

    A passionate gamer since an early age, Damian's blood is pumped full of all things tech.

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