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    The outline below was created to help you guide your learners' discovery of the fair use of public works. We've included a breakdown of the modules, activities, assessments and resources which populate this portal.

    Once you've worked through this course, please feel free to send us feedback so we can make sure teachers and learners can make the most of this learning opportunity.

    We'd also encourage you to share this in the name of Open Education for all.

    Now, go forth and be great(er).

  •   Content Modules  

    Guide your learners through this portal, where each page represents a separate module. Descriptions and timings for each module are as folllows...

    Module 1 introduces Copyright Law, outlining the difference between it and Creative Commons.
    + 8 minutes

    Module 2 explains how creative works are automatically copyrighted, and when it is fair to use someone else's work. 
    + 4 minutes

    Module 3 shows how Creative Commons can be used to make creative works available for other people to use.
    + 8 minutes

    Module 4 demonstrates how people around the world have used and adapted other peoples' creative works.
    + 5 minutes

    Module 5 describes the way Creative Commons licences can be specified for certin types of works.
    + 3 minutes

  •     Web Activities  

    Each module has an associated poll, which can be undertaken on mobile and web but w
    eb users may also wish to engage with more challenging activities that make use of Obami's other applications. 

    Web Activity 1: Highlights the concept of using images without copyright infringement and gauges the understanding of OpenMe_ licenses.  

    Learn more...

    Web Activity 2: Highlights how hard it is to copyright an idea even if certain elements or resources are specific to the 'product'.

    Learn more...

    Web Activity 3: Highlights ownership of content and emphasises attribution when using OpenMe_ licenses.

    Learn more...

    Web Activity 4: Demonstrates that the use of OpenMe_ Licenses can benefit a wider auidience and be used in numerous different ways.

    Learn more...

    Web Activity 5: Demonstrates an understanding of creative works and encourages creativity at an individual level.

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  •    Assessment  

    Your learners can undertake the assignment by clicking "win a phone" on the "win a phone" tab. We'll collect and mark their submitted assignments, and at the end of the competition we will announce one lucky winner!

    Alternatively, if you would like to assess your own learners, you can copy the assignment template and set it yourself.

    To do this, click here. Upon landing on the template, click the "copy" button found on the right hand side. Once you confirm you would like it copied, the assignment will appear as a template in your "My Assignments" application. From here, you can "Use" the template and assign it to your learners many times as you'd like!

    For a visual description on copying templates, go here.

    To find out more on using and setting assignments, head over here.



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