Who is it for? 
    The positive mindfulness program is for anyone interested in enhancing their wellbeing. Research shows that the program reduces stress and depression whilst increasing optimism, self-compassion, happiness, gratitude, and meaning in life.

    How does it work? 
    As part of the program, for each session, you will have access to: 

    1. Video which describes the background and goals of the session.

    2. Meditation which combines Mindfulness and Positive Psychology. You can listen to the meditation online, or download it to your computer, smart phone, or any other audio device.

    3. Daily activity which allows you to implement the meditation in your everyday life.

    The video, meditation, and daily activity, are different for each session, according to the session’s topic. The average time of the videos and meditations is 10 minutes each.

    Where and how can I watch the videos and listen to the meditations? 
    The videos, meditations, and daily activities are available online. You can view the videos and listen to the meditations as many times as you wish. In addition, the meditations are downloadable.

    Can I go back to a session I completed? 
    Yes, when you completed a certain session you can still go back to it. 

    Will I have full access to the program? 
    Yes, you will have immediate full access to the entire program once you join.

    How much time should I spend with each session? 
    To maximise the program’s potential, it is recommended that you spend a week on each of the sessions – but you can choose the lengths of the sessions as you wish. 

    How long would I have access to the program? 
    You will have access to the program for 6 months – plenty of time to enjoy its benefits. You can also download the meditations onto your own device, which gives you the option to practise the meditations for as long as you wish.

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