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  • How does Obami's pricing model work?

    Use of the Obami platform - and all its features and updates - is free for up to 3 users, allowing the primary admin (and two others) to gauge how well suited the platform is for their organisation’s L&D needs.


    Beyond this, a fee is charged for each user added to the learning community - the price being based on a bundle tier, which is related to the number of users added, and the duration of their subscription period. The more users added, and the longer period - the lower the unit cost. Crunch some numbers using the tool above.


    Obami offers pay-as-you-go billing, where accounts can be purchased up-front, as and when needed. We also accommodate monthly invoicing, billed in arrears for specially approved clients.  


  • What are Obami's prices?

    Erm... See the tool at the top of the page?  ...The amount charged per account is dependent on the number of accounts purchased, along with the duration for which the accounts are needed. The more accounts created, and the longer the subscription period, the lower the unit price becomes.

  • Does Obami offer discounts and/or other any other specials?

    Discounts and special prices are discretionary. Contact us to discuss your unique, innovative or socially impactful project and we’ll see what we can do. Remember - be special.

  • How can I pay for the accounts that I create?

    Obami provides a couple of options when it comes to paying for user accounts. Payfast and PayPal are our formally integrated payment merchants, facilitating secure, online payment with a credit or debit card, or Bitcoin. We also accept payment made directly into Obami’s bank account via EFT (the details of which are available on the invoice that is generated when purchasing accounts).

  • What currency does Obami charge in?

    While Obami quotes and charges all prices (and VAT) in South African Rands (ZAR), payment can be made in nearly all other currencies - the conversion of which is facilitated by our payment merchants.


  • Can my audience sign themselves up?



    The system accommodates self-sign up for your closed and trusted community by means of token codes (i.e. 4 digit codes entered upon sign up). It also caters for a broader audience where anyone with an email address can join. 

  • Can I pass costs on to my users?

    Yes. In order to pass costs on to the users themselves, you can add a paywall to the courses or content that you offer.


    Pay for courses or content can be included in your organisation’s, branded, online learning store (offered via the platform). They accommodate self-sign up with integrated billing (i.e. shopping carts, invoices, payment gateways, etc).


  • Can I pause user access?

    Administrators are able to “block” accounts within their community. This will revoke access for those users until they are “unblocked” by the administrator – essentially pausing user access for this period, but not for the ongoing paid-for-period.

    Once the end date associated with a users’ access period has passed, the account expires and the system revokes access. The account will remain expired until it is renewed.

  • Can I change the dates of a user's subscription period?



    If an account has not yet expired, and you wish to make it accessible for longer, you have the option to "extend" the account by selecting a new end date. After an account has expired, you are able to "renew" it by selecting a new start and end date.


    PAYG users will be prompted to make payment upfront, while specially approved clients' monthly invoices will be updated accordingly.  


  • Can I terminate user accounts that have not yet expired?

    Terminate is a strong word, but effectively, this is what is possible...


    1. The first is to "block" a user from accessing the platform. This does not pause the user's subscription period, but simply prevents them from logging in. The associated costs still apply.


    2. For specially approved clients, user accounts can be "deleted" from the system in order to remove them from the monthly invoice. In this instance, a cancellation fee is applied (equivalent to 2 months for annual subscribers and 1 month for monthly subscribers).



  • Will I lose my platform settings and content if I have no active accounts?

    No. Your learning community’s settings and content will remain on the platform (at no cost) forever… (or until you remove it).

  • What happens if my organisation misses a payment?

    Specially approved clients that fail to make payment before their next monthly invoice is issued may face suspension of services where their entire community will be blocked from accessing the platform until the balance of the account is settled.



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