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    Create a better online learning environment 






  • Learning as a Service


    Organisations that thrive - in everyday and challenging times - are those that embrace a meaningful way of reaching and connecting with their communities. They create trusted learning environments to deliver engaging learning experiences that can be measured for the impact that they make.


    These are "Learning-First Organisations"... and we're not new to this - even if you are.


    Check out our features to see why Obami has been recognised as one of the most innovative technologies in the world.




  • Obami at Your Service


    While the technology of today empowers anyone to create an online presence, the Obami team is here to help organisations take the plunge into the new world of work and learning.


    Drawing from your organisation's existing intellectual property and content, our instructional designers and digitisers have the experience, skill and know-how to create meaningful, online learning experiences. 


    Take a look at the services we offer to assist in getting your solution up and running. 



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