• IRP CURRICULUM


          • The Investment Readiness Programme guides entrepreneurs and startups through 12 steps of the startup process, helping them to build investment ready businesses.


            Each topic contributes towards the building of a bespoke due diligence room - or DD Room - for each participating startup; and is comprised of a lesson summary video, written lesson, checklist, glossary, downloads, additional resources, forum, moderated assignment (mentor moderators can provide written feedback to responses), badges for recognition of performance and a feedback questionnaire.



          • LESSON 1 Idea Generation and Validation – how successful ideas are those that solve problems and appeal to a suitable market
            LESSON 2 The Founding Team – what skills and traits make for a good founder, and how you should go about choosing a co-founder
            LESSON 3 Creating an MVP – the best process to follow to save time and money in getting your product out to market
            LESSON 4 Establishing a Brand Identity – how to go about forming and building a brand beyond a logo
            LESSON 5 Formalising Your Business – get your business registered and be taken seriously by complying with local business law and tax regulations
            LESSON 6 Presenting Your Startup – learn how to present your business case to the various stakeholders you encounter
            LESSON 7 Basics of Startup Finance – make sure you have your numbers in check with an understanding of financial statements
            LESSON 8 Growing a Team – know what it means to take on employees, and what needs to be done to avoid any pitfalls you may experience while growing your startup team
            LESSON 9 Building Business Networks – make the time you spend networking worthwhile by ensuring it is purposeful and well intended
            LESSON 10 Implementing a Marketing Plan – identify the best way of communicating with your audience and ensuring that your marketing efforts are making a difference
            LESSON 11 Establishing a Sales Pipeline – understand the various stages of your customer’s journey and how your sales process can be refined to increase conversion
            LESSON 12 Investment Readiness – learn what’s involved in the investment process so that you can get your startup investment ready




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