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    Bespoke Development

     It's probably in the pipeline...
    But if it's not, let's talk shop - anything is possible.




  • Vodacom e-School

    Obami was commissioned to create a bespoke front-end for the Vodacom e-school. The solution provided curricular aligned video lessons for South African teachers and learners from Grades 8-12, with progress tracking and awards.

  • Academy of York

    Higher education college, AOY, runs numerous distance learning courses through the Obami platform. Their solution entails an end-to-end digital learning experience for over 30 online courses and hundreds of students.

  • Nucleus Management

    Leaders in Human Resource Management consulting, Nucleus Management has developed a unique and innovative programme that improves the health and performance of organisations across the world, using Obami to build the learning experience and deliver the solution via its platform.

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