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    Early childhood Development

    This is one of our passions.
    Just wait until you meet #Rainbee -  coming soon!  






  • Play Sense

    Play Sense is an innovative playschool network founded by South Africa's leading early childhood development speicalist, Meg Faure. The organisation uses Obami to deliver an interactive digital curricular to all its registered teachers, while allowing them to monitor and track the progress of each of their enrolled children.

  • Soccerhood

    Soccerhood connects young soccer players to trusted coaches in the neighbourhood. Soccerhood relies on the Obami platform to facilitate all soccer circle bookings and manage the relationships it has with its customers. It provides fun and healthy exercise to young children, while creating much-needed job opportunities.

  • Clamber Club

    Clamber Club, one of the most loved brands in South Africa's Early Childhood Development space, provides an extensive and exciting sensory motor programme, selling their engaging Action Songs video series to parents across the country via the Obami platform.

  • Meet Mabel

    Obami worked with nanny expert, Mabel Kahari, in building an online course for aspiring nannies, au pairs and child minders.

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